We hold many events for fund-raising, as well as participates in year-round activities which benefit charities here in the US and in the Philippines. These include raising money for disaster relief programs, women’s shelters, libraries, and hospitals, and helping out at local food banks, soup kitchens, and various other programs. Our Charity Committee directs our work towards charity causes in the Philippines and those within the Pittsburgh and neighboring areas.

For Our Community

Bayanihan is alive within the FAAP community!

Bayanihan (pronounced as IPA: [bajanihan]) is a Filipino term taken from the word bayan, referring to a nation, town or community. The whole term bayanihan refers to a spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective. The etymology of the term is taken from the root word bayani meaning “hero”. Thus, bayanihan means being a hero to one another.

Our 'Bayani' members regularly volunteer at local food bank

Members planting and cleaning up a Western PA Conservancy Garden

Members giving away food supplies during the pandemic

For The Phillipines

Much of the work for the Philippines are in direct monetary donations to local organizations involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, and aid for the poor.  Examples of these are orphanages and organizations that work to feed the hungry or provide assistance in the education in small and remote villages. During calamities like typhoons, flooding, and earthquakes – frequent happenings in the country – the FAAP Calamity Fund is tapped to react quickly in aid to repair damages as well as restore ruined livelihoods.

Our Calamity Fund provided financial assistance to the victim the typhoons Haiyan in 2013

The Calamity Fund allows us to respond quickly during typhoon Rolly (2020), and Ulysses (2020)

We give financial support to The Queen of Peace & Mother Teresa Spinelli Orphanages

For Our Members

The Charity Committee is dedicated to keeping track of unfortunate events that occur within the organization. This includes any deaths that take place and the families affected by them. The committee does this in order to be able to offer the organization’s condolences to the bereaved families in a timely manner. Their work is essential in providing comfort and support during difficult times.

We lend a hand to each other

Helping others is an essential part of Filipino upbringing. It is a core value that is deeply embedded in the nation's social structure and it shapes the overall behavior of people from this region. This can be seen through the well-known Filipino trait of ‘bayanihan’, which encourages individuals to work together and help each other out in times of need. By helping one another, Filipinos are able to demonstrate their strong sense of community and solidarity.

Consular Outreach

Every two years the FAAP strives to bring the Philippine Consulate General New York (PCGNY) to Pittsburgh so you don’t have to travel to New York City. This event is a public service to Filipinos living in Western PA, and neighboring communities in Ohio and West Virginia The Outreach Team offers the following services to PA residents:
  • Passport processing (release of all new passport will be after ten (10) weeks)
  • Passport Extension (same-day release only with Passport Renewal)
  • Legalization of Documents (SPA, Authentication, Acknowledgement, Certifications, advice of securing NBI clearances, etc.)<
  • Dual Citizenship

Services for Ohio and West Virginia residents The Outreach Team can process passport renewal, dual citizenship, and notarial/SPA applications. However, they cannot entertain Civil Registry or acknowledgment of documents issued in states that are not under the jurisdiction of the PCGNY. ATTENTION: Pre-processing of Passport, Dual Citizenship and Civil Registry ( Report of Marriage, Report of Birth) is REQUIRED.